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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we're learning more about krystle campbell of medford, massachusetts, who had gone to the marathon with her girlfriend who wanted to watch her boyfriend run the race. there is a growing memorial outside the home of the youngest victim. tonight, there is a vigil for 8-year-old martin richard. the boy's neighbors are stunned. >> to know that that little boy will never come home again, is -- is -- it kept me up at night and will probably keep me up this morning. >> reporter: the pakistani taliban, which claimed responsibility for the 2010 attempt in times square has denied any role in the boss marathon attack. so far, there are no suspects. investigators are combing the veins surveillance tapes and pictures from yesterday. tonight, the city of boss is just beginning to come to grips with the bombing. investigators want to know who could have done it, and why.
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steve handelsman has reaction from the white house, and adam tuss on the police presence here in washington, we begin with shomari. >> reporter: good evening, as you walk down the street you see the uniformed officers walking around, looking for anything suspicious. let me move out of the way. we are approximately 75 yards from the finish line near where the two explosions went off. and many people have sad looks on their faces and started a makeshift memorial to honor the victims nearby. a memorial with flowers, flags, paying tribute to the more than 170 people hurt. three who died after the explosions. right now, security is heightened. the police and atf and fbi investigate. this group wears white suits so they don't contaminate more than
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the ten blocks of crime scene. the perimeter is blocked down, roads closed, authorities look for anything suspicious. >> it is certainly something i have not seen before. it is scary, but it is also a comfort level at the same time. >> a little more relieving, knowing that everybody is out here helping. >> reporter: law enforcement officials tell nbc news they believe both bombs were hidden in the backpacks like this one on the street. discarded like personal property. they believe the bombs were triggered by a device, like a cell phone. killing three, like 8-year-old martin richard. the people on the streets hope they find the bomber. >> the worst thing, we couldn't find out who did it. that would just say they could get away with this. >> reporter: now people continue to walk around the perimeter, many snapping photos on their cell phones. and police want people who snapped photos yesterday during the race capturing images. if you notice anything suspicious they would like you
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to share that with the boston police department. live here in boston, i'm shomari stone. all right, the flags are at half staff to honor the victims of the bombing. the flag will remain lowered until april 20th out of respect. and the president will go to boston on thursday, speaking at a service dedicated to those killed or gravely wounded in the bombings. earlier today, the president spoke to the nation with a message of strong resolve. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: thank you, good evening, perhaps the most significant statement out of the obama administration today didn't come from the president. it was a written release by janet napolitano, the obama department of homeland security secretary. she said why obama had decided to issue the reassurance. there are probable no broader attacks, no more anywhere in the
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u.s. that is reassuring. here in washington, the public is wary, and they dominate what the congress is talking about. >> reporter: big issues like gun control are out of the spotlight. the horrifying attack dominates the americans' attention, but pulls americans together. this is the chicago tribute, solidarity, from one area to another. in pain. citing how bostonians rushed in to help the injured. president obama sent a message of solidarity and defiance. >> you want to know who we are and who america is, how we respond to evil? that is it. selfless selflessly, compassionatly. >> reporter: any time bombs are
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used, it is an act of terror, he says, the lawmaker got an intel briefing last week. >> there was no evidence at all, no intelligence that seemed to be out there. >> reporter: the top senate republican was critical. >> i think it is safe to say that for many, the complacency prior to september 11th, has actually returned. >> reporter: today, nervousness has returned, false alarms at cleveland and boston airport, suspicious packages. >> we wouldn't let the attack in boston keep us from the normal daily routines. >> reporter: and most americans seem to agree. >> lawmakers taking the spotlight are vowing to hold hearings on boston, as soon as they can. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. and the victims of the bombings just spoke a while ago. >> reporter: actually, just as we began the broadcast we got information about the third suspect. i want to tell you about that, rather, the third victim in this incident.
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i want to tell you quickly about that, the statement from the president at boston university says that the third victim is identified as a boston university graduate student who was there as a spectator at the marathon yesterday. that is all the information that they're releasing about that individual. again, we are also learning more about krystle campbell, who was a 29-year-old from medford, massachusetts, was also a spectator at the marathon yesterday, had gone there with a friend to watch another person run the marathon. as they were waiting for him to cross the finish line the explosion happened. her family today, very emotional. speaking about krystle campbell. >> we are heartbroken, at the depths -- for krystle marie -- everybody that knew her loved her.
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she loved her dog. she -- she had a heart of gold. she was all smiles, we couldn't ask for a better daughter, we couldn't believe it happened. such a hard worker, in everything she did. >> reporter: the other victim, the third victim in this incident identified earlier as 8-year-old martin richard, also of boston. just a sad situation as we learn more about the victims from the bombings. back to you. all right, aaron gilchrist, thank you. here in washington there is extra security presence at tourist locations. earlier this morning the lincoln memorial was shut down, but nothing specific. the bomb-sniffing dogs searched trash cans there. the memorial was reopened after it was checked out. whether you are taking metro or flying out any time soon you will notice an added security presence here regarding transportation. adam tuss has a look at the changes appropriated in our
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transportation system by the bombing yesterday, adam? >> reporter: hey, doreen, we're learning more about how our local transportation agencies are coordinating with agencies around the country to keep everybody safe. as you can see here, plenty of people are coming and going regardless of the heightened state of alert. from metro to amtrak to the airport, you can see and feel the extra presence here in the nation's capitol. >> any precautionary measure is youthful. >> reporter: this metro rider in town from paris says his thoughts and prayers go out to those in boston. he understands the added security here. >> i think the psychological health of people is very important. you don't want too many people anxious and worrying. >> reporter: the metro transit police chief says that metro is actually getting information directly from authorities in boston to adjust the way transit police here act. >> we base our deployment and strategy on that. so if it is checking trash cans
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or stations, rail cars, buses, everything you could imagine. >> reporter: he says some of the things the metro pitchis lookin, bags on the ground, such items will be kept into place until all the attacks come into focus. for others, it stirred up emotions. >> it reminded me it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: amtrak stepped up patrols in sweeps of stations. at the airport, the mood is one of increased security. balancing security measures against getting where you need to go. one spokesperson said it is a juggling act. >> we have to make sure that things like bag checks are not intrusive. and how we don't undermine the situation that makes the transit system so reliable, quick and efficient service. >> reporter: back here, another interesting note we're getting about the local transportation agencies. they say they're all coordinating regularly on conference calls.
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reporting live. adam tuss, news 4. local runners now are back home sharing their accounts of yesterday's terrifying experience. news 4's chris gordon shared the moments with them. >> reporter: good evening, 40 members of the montgomery county road runners are back from the boston marathon, safe and sound. but some came very close to the bombs. for doug watt of gaithersburg it was his sixth boston marathon. he just crossed the finish line when it happened. >> i heard this boom, turned around and saw smoke. and then we saw the second boom, heard it and saw it. >> reporter: doug's wife was seated in the viewing stand at the finish line, directly across from the explosions. she is too upset to talk. doug said she thought at first it was trouble with the electric timer at the finish line. >> she thought maybe there was an electrical system, when the smoke cleared she realized it
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was not at the electrical lines. >> it sounded like two canons. >> reporter: she is back in bethesda, hurting from soreness. she finished just before the bomb blasts, fighting exhaustion and running to the finish line, rather than slowing down the last mile. >> had i walked i would probably have been right there when it happened. and that is terrifying to think about. >> reporter: there is no hesitation when i asked if you would return to the marathon. >> i think the race is fantastic, people of boston are fantastic. this is horrible that somebody would target such a race. it is the super bowl of running events. >> there were folks that had died, and also were badly injured. and we want to prove that the united states is a great place and we recover from these types of issues. >> they will train and qualify again, they say, because to them, the boston marathon is the holy grail. doreen and jim?
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>> thank you, to other news tonight, long, frustrating lines for american airlines passengers at reagan international. and in fact around the country tonight. the airline grounded all the flights for a couple of hours this afternoon after the reservation computer system went down. tonight, the computers are working again, but a lot of people had to change or rebook their cancelled flights. new video tonight, a spectator from our area captures the explosion while watching his wife run the boston marathon. we'll also go back live to boston with new details on how the bombs were made. >> extra security along the parade route for emancipation day along the route. spectators weigh in. a somber day as virginia tech marks the mass shootings there. how a local person came up with an app to help college students. the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks. demand action. now. flame.
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hear from her straight ahead on news 4 at 6:00.
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two people jumped from windows out of a burning home in arlington today. the flames were so intense firefighters had to rescue a woman trapped in the basement. here is what is left from the charred house. more than 50 firefighters from arlington and fairfax county showed up to put out the fire. some of them helped to rescue a young college student. >> my door has rear windows, i saw all the fire and smoke. and even if i opened the door i knew i was going to get burned like this. so i just waited until the firefighters got me. and then they got me out. >> the firefighters did get her out safely. two of her roommates were rushed to the hospital with severe burns, both are expected to survive. and right now celebrations going on in freedom plaza, to mark emancipation day here in d.c. news 4 tom sherwood is downtown
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where the boston tragedy is still fresh on many people's minds, hi, tom. >> reporter: hello, jim, this annual parade celebrates freedom from slavery. but today it was also freedom from fear. and the annual d.c. emancipation day parade swept down pennsylvania avenue. police and public safety officers were on watch. but thankfully, there was no real sense of a security lockdown here either that would spoil the day. >> we were a little nervous, but i think -- if we give into that, that helps -- because the people -- the bad people that did this. >> reporter: onlookers taking a break for lunch said the parade was the right place to be this day after a terror incident. >> i send all of my prayers to them. and everything. my sympathy, but nothing -- i mean, life is life. and we just have to get ahold of it. that is all. >> reporter: from quiet moments
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at the korean war memorial, tourists in the nation's capitol were acutely aware of the boston bombing. but there was resolution not to give into fear of it happening here. any concerns about boston as you brought children to events like this today? >> well, we were just a little concerned. some of the relatives from back home were calling us. it is such a sad thing that happened. just awful. but like you said, you know, we go from day to day. >> reporter: some were surprised when they completely shut down the memorial for security sweeps and tests. there was no security incident. and soon enough, the popular monument was opened again and tourists swarmed the famous steps. resolute. >> we should not walk in fear, because americans are not built that way. >> reporter: the street festival down here, you may hear some of
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the music, continues until 8:30. in downtown washington, tom sherwood, news 4. and temperatures in the mid-70s there as we see on the screen, not bad. >> gorgeous. >> nice day for a parade and all sorts of outside celebrations. >> yes, it really is, temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s across the region. with sunshine now it is turning out to be a beautiful afternoon after the early morning clouds we saw a little earlier today. take a look at this shot. just notice all the trees. cherry blossoms are not really there anymore. but you can see the leaves out on the trees, along the tidal basin, another shot of the capitol showing the leaves here, as well. you can also see the flags at half staff this evening. for the record, the temperatures, a low of 56. last year, we hit 89 degrees on this date. i don't think we'll see any upper 80s to 90s any time soon. but again, we'll warm up a little bit over the next few
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days. current temperatures, 73 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, mostly sunny skies, winds at 13 miles an hour. the sun helped today and the wind helped, with the southerly component to the wind. we'll continue to see it in the next day or so at least down to the south. 73 culpeper, 72, charlottevil s charlottesville, the clouds holding in. as we make our way through the overnight hours tomorrow this is coming our way. you can see severe thunderstorm watches here, pittsburgh, the area in the purple, thunderstorms making their way down towards the southeast. again, the front comes closer to the region. i don't expect to see strong thunderstorms in our area. however, can't rule out a couple of storms, especially south of this front. watch what happens with the front, it moves through the area during the day tomorrow. north of the front, cooler, south of the front, a little
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warmer on the side. i expect to see a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm. but i'm not expecting tomorrow to be a washout. let's look at the numbers, as i mentioned to the north of the front, cooler, to the north, 70 in frederick, 65 in annapolis, and 60 in hagerstown. to the south, 80, near culpeper and fredericksburg, this is the area that will be warmer. you have the best chance of seeing thunderstorm activity during the day tomorrow. but as i mentioned, only about a 30% chance. watch what happens with the boundary, doesn't keep moving south. goes right back to the north. bringing the warm air back for everybody, on thursday, friday, looking very nice. early fog, breaking into sunshine, thursday looking break, friday, a good chance of strong storms for just about everybody. we'll talk about that, too. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, areas of fog, 65 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy, light showers possible
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with again, those storms. but down to the south, temperatures 70, to 80 degrees. a big range in temperatures over the entire area, next couple of days, 73 tomorrow, 76 on thursday, 80 on friday with the late-day thundershower, most likely, after 5:00. maybe right around rush hour, early saturday, chance of activity, clearing out for the weekend, the weekend looking good, looking much more like a late march or early april weekend than where we stand right now. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s, i think we'll be in the low 60s for the most part. at least for most of us. saturday, don't expect it to be a washout either. if you have plans, maybe the baseball game coming up at 10 or 11 clock in the morning. >> my practice is at 11:30. >> is that you? >> get ready.
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>> our coverage of the terror at the boston marathon continuing, local runners returning home with frightening stories. plus, a somber day. and breaking out of the funk. and
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behind this amazing catch. as news 4 at 6:00 continues. a solemn gathering in washington marks the sixth anniversary of the have a tech shootings. it came for the calls to prevent gun violence, family members had a moment of silence for 32 seconds to honor the 32 killed at virginia tech that day. and the name of each victim was read aloud. >> we read these names in solidarity with all the victims of violence and gun violence,
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who deserve to have a voice. rachel elizabeth hill. age 18. richmond, virginia. emily jane hillshire, age 19. the gathering included people who lost loved ones in the aurora and newtown shootings. the names of those victims were read aloud, as well. and on the campus, wreaths were laid to honor the victims as well as a ceremonial lighting, and places for students to reflect back on that day in 2007. >> and one of the survivors of the have a tech shooting is putting her name behind a campus safety app, developed by a local company. julie cary has more. >> reporter: you're looking at a newly developed campus safety app that is being tested at about ten schools across the country now. live safe is being developed by a group of entrepreneurs and
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recently won the endorsement of the virginia tech shooting victim, christina anderson. we spoke to her by skype. >> at least it would alert us in advance, and at least if we had the tools to share the information and pictures. >> reporter: since the virginia tech shootings, nearly all campuses have instituted an alert system. and there is a convention all means of calling for help. the creators of the app says it offers a two-way system with the campus officials. >> reporter: from their offices, they used an ipad to use the app. students can start like this, a series of icons appear. >> you can see a fight starting, notes for law enforcement. you can decide to include picture or video evidence. >> reporter: the student then gets to decide whether to send the tip to police anonymously. another live safe feature is this map, showing any incidents that occurred in or around
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campus. >> what we're trying to do is empower people, and help in a risk-free and easy way, with law enforcem enforcement. >> it i was starting night classes, why not. >> live safe says that founder hope to make it available by summer. in washington, julie cary. live safe developers say they will market the product to middle and high schoolers. and we're getting new details in the last hour about the three victims killed in yesterday's terror attack in boston, boston university reports that one of those victims was a graduate student at the school, but police have
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not released the student's name. two others killed are 29-year-old krystle campbell, and 8-year-old martin richard were both massachusetts residents. also tonight, an intense search for clues about who is behind the bombing. jay gray joins us live from boston with the latest from investigators, jay? >> reporter: hey, there, good evening, more than ten blocks still locked down as investigators searched for any answers, while outside of the blast zone there is an intense and highly visible security blanketing boston right now. this evening, an awkward silence, military vehicles taking the place of thousands who packed the marathon route. a day after two deadly bombings, boston is on high alert. >> everybody should expect the continued heightened police presence, and everybody should be vigilant.
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>> reporter: investigators recovered materials at the site. >> a pressure cooker was recovered, we're putting that out to generate any lead information. >> reporter: the explosives were crafted, rigged with timing devices. stuffed into backpacks, with duffle bags, loaded for maximum impact. >> the other objects are a small head type carpenter. nails that are approximately a centimeter, about half an inch in length. victims described the incident. >> i looked at my wife, saw her lower leg was hit by something, some shrapnel hit her leg.
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>> what we don't know yet however, is who carried out this attack or why. whether it was planned, and executed by a terrorist organizatio organization. >> reporter: justice for more than 170 injured, including martin richard and krystle campbell. >> our hearts are broken. >> reporter: heartbreak in this community where memorials growing as the city and nation mourns the attack. and tonight, we know there is a prayer vigil for the martin family at their local church, while thursday, the white house is saying president obama will travel here to boston to be part of an interfaith service to honor and remember all the victims of the attack. live, boston, jay gray, back to you. and jay, some of the information we heard in the chaos of yesterday turned out not to be true. i'm thinking about another
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explosion at the library and other explosive devices found. is that true? >>. >> reporter: no, your absolutely right. the library fire was just that, appeared to be an electrical fire and was not in any way associated with what happened here. there was also a lot of speculation that undetonated explosives were found. they had actually found bombs not exploded. today, the fbi and local authorities really going out of their way to make sure everybody knows it was not the case. that would be tremendous evidence. they did that, as they continued to urge anyone with any picture, any video, anything that they might consider evidence to please turn that over to authorities, even if you were not at the finish line, but somewhere along the race route it could help in their investigation, they say. >> all right, jay gray in boston. meanwhile, a teacher in the baltimore area is among the 170 people injured in the blast.
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her name is erika brannock, she broke both of her legs. the 29-year-old teacher works at a children's school. and jim? federal agencies are working together to investigate this tragedy. among them, many departments right here in the area, fragments from the bombs that exploded in boston are now being sent to the terrorist explosive device analyzing center. that center is located at the fbi labs in quantico. there, they will try to put together the bombs and compare them to other devices used around the world. now investigators tell us the information could point them to where the devices were made. and the training needed to create those bombs. now tonight, there are several vigils being planned in our area. one began just a short time ago at american university. the lake ridge runners will also hold a walk for boston tonight, at lake ridge elementary school in woodbridge. and we'll have more on both of those vigils tonight on news 4
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at 11:00. from the live desk, i'm jim handly. and runners and spectators from our area returning home with very dramatic stories. new video of the marathon explosi explosions. a reston man waiting for his wife and daughter. there were emotional reunions today, mark? >> reporter: that is right. john walls was in the grandstand. he thought he would die, the panic turned to worry as he tried to find his wife and daughter running the race. all the while, they were worried
6:36 pm
the worst had happened to him. panic quickly in the moments after the blast, john walls was feet away. and where is the next one, are we on it? we have to get off of these stands. >> turn to the right! turn to the right! turn to the right! turn to the right. this way. my god. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: at that same moment his wife and daughter were just minutes from the finish line. >> and all of a sudden, police come out and they're stopping the race. >> reporter: at first, they didn't know why. but when they heard about the bombs going off at the finish line? >> we went from being bummed out we were not going to finish the marathon to sheer terror, we your it was the finish line, my husband and sister were in the grandstands. >> reporter: it would be an hour before we knew they were safe?
6:37 pm
others had similar stories. >> it was like a dream turned into a nightmare. i was here in d.c. when 9/11 happened. and it was just very familiar. >> reporter: many runners returning at reagan international were still too upset to even speak about it. but most of the runners we spoke with said they will return to run the boston marathon next year. >> proud, i am just really saddened. i don't understand it. but -- you know, i don't understand it. but you know, we're going to continue to run. >> reporter: katie walls and her mom are definitely coming back. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> reporter: now, a lot of runners we spoke to said the same thing, they still have a finish line to cross. and many of them say they will be back in boston next year. reporting live from reagan international, mark segraves, news 4. >> we hope you stay with news 4 and, for
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continuing coverage of the bombings. donations are pouring in? if you wish to help, go to and search charity. and we have more to tell about a merely man who taped tenants. and not everybody is h
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of (>t0 the storms approach coming up. a large crowd lined up outside st. mary's's church in rockville for the funeral of a senior. michelle miller was found dead inside an army recruiter's home last week. adam arndt shot and killed her before taking his own life. her family says he called her, saying he was depressed. and a man charged with hiding a camera and recording tenants. dennis van dusen recorded events, one woman discovered the camera inside a fake smoke detector in the bedroom. she checked after reading an
6:42 pm
article. van dusen pled guilty and will be sentenced in july. tonight, controversy about the first lady speaking at the bowie graduation. now the ceremony will be held at the comcast center instead of bowie's state campus. some are concerned they will miss a chance to show case the campus. but the university says that comfort and safety was the primary concern for the relocation. and summer starting a day later. the district announced the last day of classes will be monday, june tenth. the last day was to be friday, june seventh. students will not have to make up the day regarding hurricane sandy. and a letter testing positive for ricin. and doug is tracking weather, and dan, how long sports? coming up, capitals going the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks. demand action. now. the
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next step and heading to the nba. as news 4:00 at # 6:00 continues. more breaking news, jim handly is at the desk with new information on a dangerous
6:46 pm
substance found in a piece of mail headed for a u.s. senator's office. >> reporter: yes, doreen, the information was just confirmed to us by the fbi just a short time ago, an envelope addressed to mississippi republican senator roger wicker was intercepted last week. the envelope had a suspicious is powder in it. a preliminary field test came back positive for the poisonous substance, ricin. the information was shared with senators during a briefing today. more tests will be done, in what is known as an in-house test to confirm. the fbi said that at no time was the senator or staff in danger. from the live desk, i'm jim handly. all right, let's go to doug, a nice afternoon out there. >> yes, it is guys, a nice afternoon out there and evening. temperatures will not cool off quickly at all. you think you will enjoy the
6:47 pm
rest of the evening. take a look, gorgeous, looking towards northwest washington, 73 degrees, a few clouds right now. very nice, 71 by 7:00, 68 by 9:00, increasing clouds by 11:00. still not with the temperature, at 65 degrees, on the radar, nothing around the region, notice just to the west. the severe thunderstorm watch to the west, big thunderstorms, too. as the front moves down to our area we could see showers in the western viewing area later tonight into the overnight hours. maybe getting into the metro area, but again, not expecting a whole lot from the storm as it makes its way to the southeast. most should be dying out as the frontal boundary moves out. as it moves out we'll see warm air to the south, mild air to the north. mild air, upper 60s, 70s, still a nice day, just expect more cloud cover.
6:48 pm
frederick, 69, baltimore, 80 down to fredericksburg. also, including culpeper and manassas, thunderstorms during the day on wednesday. you may want to carry the umbrella as you make your way out. if you're headed to the cap's game tonight, you will want to know that the verizon center has heightened security for the game against toronto because of the events in boston yesterday. >> something we all have to live with. >> yes, they will also have a moment of silence for those in boston. so yeah, it should be hopefully -- a nice moment for the fans there at the verizon center tonight, assuming that all goes well. the caps trying to keep it rolling against the leaves tonight. things have been going pretty well for the capitals. 13, 3 and 1 in the last three games. the capitals back on the ice this morning. the caps looking for their eighth straight win, and a little more separation in the southeast division.
6:49 pm
they're ahead of winnipeg by four points. but like most of the country today, their heads and hearts are with boston. coach adam oats who played part of six seasons with the bruins weighed in on yesterday's tragedy. >> you know, same as everybody, great people there, great town, i loved it. had my home there. it is great to see everybody come to the aide of everybody there. very sad day. >> it hits honest, should hit home for every really. doesn't take being from there to mean anything. you know, maybe it means a little bit more, but it is a tragedy. >> all right, talking hoops now, alex lend one of the most highly drafted basketball players, he had to leave for the nba. the 7-foot ukraine could have
6:50 pm
used his skill set. in the nba, being seven foot tall gives you potential being paid. >> i have decided i want to take the next step and enter my name in the nba draft. my family and i have been thinking about it for sometime now. and together, with the coach we came to the conclusion that i think this is going to be the best decision for me. and in my career. >> quick little story, his mom, which you wouldn't be able to see, came in, gave him this little hurdle from maryland. she said i gave it to you, alex, as a baby. when he leaves here i want him to be a man. and he has grown up a lot. i think he will be the number one pick in the draft. that is what i think about him. they're talking about the other guy being number one. you guys saw the same game i saw when we played him earlier in the year. this kid will be special. >> he is grown into a very big
6:51 pm
turtle. all right, baseball time, the wins the nats needed. a 10-3 thumping of the marlins out of miami last night. tonight they look for more of the same without three of the starters in the lineup. danny espinosa, out with an injury, and bryce harper out with the flu. the nationals rebounded in a big way. bats wide awake. ten runs, 16 hits, including this run from ryan zimmerman, the first of the year by the way. not the only one coming through for the nationals, starting, jordan zimmerman, a nightmare for the fish. placido polanco, zimmerman tosses career game number two, improving to 3 and 0 on the
6:52 pm
season, and the nationals win big. >> obviously, it is nice to have success, jordan did a great job today, seems like we all do better when jordan pitches, last year we didn't hit for him, this year we are. amazing how things turn around. good game all the way around. take the wins with the losses, i guess. >> phillies's outfielder, with a tribute on his glove, during the game he showed the glove off. check this out. drive to deep center. revere lays out for the catch of the season. pops up, hits the cut-off man, doubles up the runner at first. what a play by ben revere. man. even the fact he plays for the phillies, you got to appreciate that. i don't care who you root for. ben revere was the catch of the year thus far. the nfl set to announce the regular season schedule thursday night at 8:00. the skins certainly are going to
6:53 pm
have a few more prime time games this season. and finally on a somber note, one of the nfl's all-time great pay-to-play voices is gone. pat summerall, who was an nfl kicker and cornerback may have been best known by the time he spent in the booth with john madden.
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in just about five minutes right after this broadcast. we hope you will stay tuned. doug is here with an update, and it is beautiful out there today. >> it really is, take a look at the numbers across the area
6:57 pm
today. high temperatures in the 70s, for the most part, 74 in washington, 60 in annapolis. 70 down towards fredericksburg, notice the temperatures, fairly similar tomorrow, except for the folks to the north. gaithersburg, frederick, cooler. high temperatures in the d.c. metro your, around 73 or 4 where they were today. 30% chance of showers, possible thunderstorms to the south of d.c. high of 76 on thursday, thursday looking nice and warm. 80 on friday as the storm system approaches. that will bring us a chance of strong thunderstorms late in the day, right now, i don't think they will be too severe. but we'll watch it very closely. they should be out of here on saturday, talking about a 30% chance of shower activity. most likely before 10 a.m. on saturday, and most of the day on the dry side. the weekend looking cooler. high temperatures in the low 60s for most of us, so with sunshine we should be
6:58 pm
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